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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Photo tours Lake Baikal, The travel information about Lake Baikal, Mongolia, Buryatia, activities, ecological adventures, individual tours in the Baikal region. Photo adventures. The unique ecosystem of the Baikal region with its diverse flora and fauna, numerous nature reserves and national parks, and historical and natural monuments create great opportunities for fascinating photo shootings. If you like taking pictures of wild animals and untouched nature, Lake Baikal offers you a unique possibility for fantastic photo-video shooting. Here it is possible to take pictures of the brown bear in the taiga of the Barguzinsky Nature Reserve.

Unique in the world and therefore of special interest to photo-tourists is the Baikal nerpa, a freshwater seal found on the Ushkany Islands in the Zabaikalsky National Park. Rare bird species have their habitat on the isthmus of the Holy Nose Peninsula and in the delta of the Selenga River. Moreover, the ice shield of Lake Baikal with piled up floes creates an overwhelming picture of Baikal in winter. The special feature of photo expeditions consists of spending more time in one interesting place in order to wait for the right moment, the appropriate weather, or desired lighting conditions.

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Ethnographic tours, The travel information about Lake Baikal, Mongolia, Buryatia, activities, ecological adventures, individual tours in the Baikal region. Ethnographic adventures. The traditional and unique cultures of the people inhabiting the Baikal region are of great interest to travelers. In the territory of Buryatia many people live peacefully together- Russians, descendants of Cossacks, pioneer settlers, Old Believers, people banished to Transbaikalia under the rule ofCatherine the Great, Buryats – the native population of this region, and the Evenks – a northern ethnic minority. Here you can see with your own eyes how local people live, what customs they adhere to, which religion they follow, and how they perform their household activities. The Buryats have preserved to a great extent their traditional culture. To travel to these areas, where Old Believers, Buryats and Evenks lived and still live today, and to get acquainted with their customs and traditional cuisine, is definitely an unforgettable Baikal Adventure.

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Jeep expeditions, The travel information about Lake Baikal, Mongolia, Buryatia, activities, ecological adventures, individual tours in the Baikal region.Jeep expeditions. Russian military jeeps are commonly used for such trips. Basically, jeep expeditions are independently conducted. The group hires several off-road jeeps and takes along all necessary outdoor equipment for field kitchens and overnight stays in tents. Especially fascinating are winter expeditions on the ice of Lake Baikal. In summer, trips from Baikal to Mongolia can be organized.

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Multi-sport adventures. Your adventure starts with hiking in mountains, from where you continue by white-water rafting and then complete your trip with cycling. There are a lot of different possibilities for multi-sport adventures in the Baikal region.

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