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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Best season: February – the beginning of May.

Time of tour may be changed depending on the weather and ice level conditions on Lake Baikal.

"The Far Side of Baikal"

We invite you on an exciting winter adventure across Baikal. The trip will allow you to discover fantastic beauty of Lake Baikal in winter. Moreover, this tour will take you to places where ancient hunters lived--the Evenkhunters, who traditionally have lived in the northern part of the Buryat Republic.

Baikal in winterAlong with one of the Evenks, we will take a ski excursion along the taiga trail to the Bargizinsky ridge. You will hear interesting stories onhow the Evenk lived and hunted. You will try traditional taiga dishes and get acquainted with the original culture of the local population.
You will have an opportunity to take hot mineral springs, which are very famous for their curative properties.
The hospitality of the Siberians and theRussian “banya” with bathing in the snow will make your Baikal Adventures really unforgettable.

Baikal in winter photo tour



Tour programme:

1st Day. Arrival in Ulan-Ude. Transfer to Hotel for accommodation and breakfast.
According to arrival time, a short rest followed by guided city tour with visits to the History Museum. Lunch at the local restaurant. Afternoon excursion to the Ivolginsky Datsan, the most important Buddhist temple in Russia. (40 km from Ulan-Ude). Visit to a Buryat yurt to enjoy folklore entertainment and traditional Buryat dinner. Return to the hotel.

2nd Day. After breakfast visit the Ethnographic Museum and see collections of traditional dwellings, clothes and furnishings of ethnic groups of the region. Departure for the Ust-Barguzin village (270 km) located on the shore of the Barguzinsky Bay of Lake Baikal. Lunch en route. Accommodation in homes of local families (homestay). Russian “banya”. Dinner.

3rd Day. breakfast transfer to Chivirkuysky Bay with a visit the thermal mineral springs in Snake Bay. Guided ice fishing (grayling, omul, burbot, perch). Lunch from freshly caught fish cooked on fire according to a special Baikal recipe. Free time to relax or to fish. Dinner and overnight in original taiga lodging.

Baikal ice fishing4th Day. After breakfast, excursion on Chivirkuysky Bay with photo shooting and fishing opportunity. Return to Ust-Barguzin for overnight, dinner and Russian banya.

5th Day. After breakfast transfer to the hot springs of the village of Alla, located in the northern part of the Barguzin valley (230 km). Short stops for excursions to the Barguzin Valley to see the unique natural Suvo "Saxon" castle and the sacred rock Bukhe-Shulun (90 km). Lunch en route. Excursion in the area of Alla. Accommodation and overnight.

6th Day. After breakfast a trek to the hunting lodges along the valley of the Alla River by special hunting ski. While skiing you will be acquainted with various ways to ski with high snow level. You will see the original lodging of Evenk hunters and traps used for deer and sable hunting. Overnight in hunting lodging.

Alla hot springs7th Day. Full day of leisure and rest with an excursion to a frozen waterfall. Return to hot springs in Alla. Bath taking opportunity. Dinner and overnight.

8th Day. After breakfast excursion to the center of Evenk culture “Ukte”. Lunch (traditional Evenk dishes). Afternoon drive to the thermal mineral springs “Kuchiger.” Accommodation and overnight.

9th-10th Days. Departure for Ulan Ude (500 km) with stop for overnight in the village of Maksimikha.

11th Day. Transfer to airport for departure after breakfast.

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