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"Acquaintance with Old Believers of Buryatia"

Bol'shoy Kunaley

We invite you to visit semeysky (Old Believers’) village called Bol`shoy Kunaley which is located 70 km from Ulan Ude. You will get acquainted with the history and culture of the "semeyskie " of Transbaikalia.

You will hear ancient folklore and songs and will participate in traditional customs and games.

After lunch you will have an excursion around the village and will hear the stories of its history.
Then you will visit a traditional wooden house of the Old Believers with unique domestic utensils and some devices.

You will try some traditional dishes: Russian borsh (soup), boiled potato fried with bacon, pickled butter mushrooms, vegetable salad, sauerkraut, cranberry pie, traditional drinks, kvass (fermented bread drink), and others.

The program duration is about 6 hours.


Traditional Russian dishes
traditional dishes

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