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Shumak springs map
Tour information: 

Best season: all year round.

Travel Options:
1. Hiking tour. During the hiking travel you go with all your cargo and equipment in backpacks.

2. Hiking tour, with cargo on packhorses; it is possible to rent horses for transportation of cargo and luggage. That will transform your travel to a fascinating walk with a small backpack in which there will be only your necessary things.

3. Horse tour. For travel on horseback and transportation of cargo it is possible to rent packhorses.

"A trip to the Shumak mineral springs"

The Shumak mineral springs have been famous for many years for their wonderful curative qualities. The Shumak water is a very effective cure for lithic diathesis, diabetes, and functional disorders of the shumak springscirculatory and nervous system, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tracts, as well as digestive tract, liver and biliary diseases. We invite you to take a fascinating trip and see with your own eyes the natural miracle of the Sayan Mountains. More than one hundred springs with different mineral structures
emerge on the surface at the junction of the right and left Shumak rivers. You will have a great opportunity to feel the wonderful power of Shumak and enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of the Tunkinsky Alps belt. Moreover you will see the pristine beauty of the Tunkinsky National Park.
The overall length of the route to and from the springs is 100 km. The minimum duration of a hiking or horsebackriding tour is 7-9 days. To reach the mineral springs you will have to cross the Shumak Pass at a height of 2850 meters.

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Tour programme (hiking or horseback riding):

Peak Shumak1st Day. Arrival in Irkutsk/Ulan Ude. Drive to the starting point of the Shumak trail (250/500 km), the spa village of Nilova Pustin. Set up camp overnight near the river Khubuty.

2nd Day. Trek past the post-glacial lakes of Khubuty to the watershed area of the Ekhe-Ger river. (15 km). Camp overnight.

3rd Day. Enter the rocky Eastern Sayan mountain range and pass through alpine meadows to cross the Shumak Pass (2,850 m). Camp by the spectacular 40 meter Shumak waterfall. (about 20 km).
Shumak hot springs 4th Day. Trek to the renowned Shumak mineral water springs to bathe, relax and generally enjoy this beautiful valley. You will be told many legends and we are confident that Shumak will always have a place in your heart.

5th Day. Excursion to the Shumak mineral springs. Opportunity to try the mineral baths. Free time to explore.Relaxation.

6th Day. Stroll down to the Shumak River to visit the sacred site "Khuhane-Khada" (5 km). Return to the base camp.

7th Day. Opportunity to try the mineral baths. Free time to explore.Relaxation.

8th-10th Days. Trek back from Shumak springs to Nilova Pustyn village.

11th Day. Returning to Irkutsk or Ulan Ude.

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