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Valley of volkanoes route map
Tour information: 

Best season: all year round.

Travel Options:
1. Hiking tour. During the hiking travel you go with all your cargo and equipment in backpacks.

2. Hiking tour, with cargo on packhorses; it is possible to rent horses for transportation of cargo and luggage. That will transform your travel to a fascinating walk with a small backpack in which there will be only your necessary things.

3. Horse tour. For travel on horseback and transportation of cargo it is possible to rent packhorses.

"To the Valley of Volcanoes"

Volcanoes, hotsprings, unique landscapes, and Bronze Age relics make for a fascinating tour. Oka or, valley of volcanoesmore correctly, Oha, is like Tibet in miniature.
The beauty of the landscapes here harmonizes uniquely with the culture of the native populations. We will take you through the area of Mongolshon (Buryat for “Mongolian people”), where archeological artifacts from the Bronze Age have been preserved. Thus far no one has been able to explain the origin and meaning of the spiral-shaped burial grounds or the stone-retted arrow. On the rock faces in Tamgata (Tamga means “seal”), petroglyphs and a Buddhist seal have been found as well as Buddhist hermits’ caves--signs of the movement of Buddhism to the west.

The Okinsky area is also notable for its connections with the epic hero of the Mongolian people, Geser. The lava flow marks the remains of the burned down palace of the Khan, whom Geser fought and was victorious over. On the rock face of Ulan-Shulun (“red rock”), the red color of the rock face is a sign of the blood of the wounded Geser.
The people of Oka (about 4,500) are primarily ethnic Soyots, who traditionally are hunters and cattle raisers (deer and yak). You will have the chance to try their ethnic dishes, which are prepared using the same recipes as in Genghis Khan’s time. You will also be able to go deer- and horse-back riding or fishing as well as observe the unique flora and wild animals and birds. Oka is home to many sacred places, and you can observe rituals performed by the local people. It is a region rarely visited by tourists, where the wonders of pristine nature stand before you in their ancient beauty!

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Tour programme:

Horse tours1st Day. Arrival in Irkutsk/Ulan Ude. Departure for the village of Orlik (400/700 km), the starting point of the trekking route. Lunch stop. Set up camp near the Sentsa river. Accommodation overnight in tents.

2nd and 3rd Days. Trek to the 20 different warm and hot natural springs of Khoto-Gol with an overnight camp en route (total 45 km).

4th Day. Enjoy the springs and their beautiful setting. Watch a re-creation of an ancient Shaman ceremony. Opportunity to take mineral baths.

5th Day. Continue to the Valley of Volcanoes (14 km), crossing a pass (height 2,300 m) where we camp for the next two nights.

6th Day. Climb the extinct volcano Kropotkin to see the well-preserved crater and cone. If you have the time and the desire, climb the volcano Peretolchin. Return to the camp in the valley for dinner and overnight.

On Nukhu - Daban pass7th Day. Trek to the valley of the Jom-Bolok river, which has cut its way through the lava flow of Kropotkin and Peretolchin (17 km).

8th Day. Continue to Lake Olon-Nur along the Zhom-Bolok river. (20 km) Overnight camping by the lake. Opportunity for fishing.

9th Day. Trek to the valley of the Dade-Khutel River until we reach the village Shjasnur and stop overnight in tents.

10th Day. Returning to Irkutsk or Ulan Ude.

According to your desire the route may include a visit to the Joigan mineral springs and climb Topographer's Peak (3044 meters).

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