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Selenga River Delta map of route
Tour information:  

Best season: May - September.

"To the Selenga River Delta"

Selenga river deltaThe Selenga River is the largest of more than 400 rivers that feed into Lake Baikal. At the river’s mouth, it forms a wide delta with a surface area of more than 600 square kilometers. Consisting of a host of channels, islets, and reed and sedge thickets, it is an extremely picturesque and diverse area.

The wetlands of the Selenga Delta are one of the key ornithological sites of Eastern Siberia. More than 251 types of birds from 16 families have been noted in the delta. The area is located on the Kabansk Reserve, whose activities are focused on preserving the unique ecosystem of the delta.

The Selenga River Delta offers unique opportunities for ecological and interpretive tourism. Anyone interesting in the history and culture of the local Zabaikal area will be delighted by visits to the Posolsk Monastery and regional museums, observing ancient shaman rituals, and watching bread baking in the old Russian tradition.

Tour programme:

Posolsk Monastery1st Day. Departure from Ulan-Ude. Transfer to the Village Bolshaya Rechka (Big River), excursion to the fish nursery, woperating on restoration of the population of the Baikal omul
Drive to the Posolsk village, traditional Russian cuisine for lunch in the private home. Visit and excursion to the Posolsk Monastery. Drive to the village of Ranzhurovo to have folklore entertainment and get aquainted with Buryat cultural traditions. Drive to the village of Istok for overnight in the homestay.


Selenga Delta bird watching2nd Day. After breakfast transfer to the boat station Shigaevo to get aboard motorboats and explore the wetlands of the Selenga delta. Excursions to the islands and bird watching. Visit to the oldest lighthouse in the delta for excursion and lunch. Visit to the checkpoint of the nature reserve Kabansky. Experience kayaking, hiking and bird watching in the delta. Return to the boat station. Return to Ulan-Ude.

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