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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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On the water Nature work camps
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On the water:

Tour Name


Arrival City

Rendezvous with Baikal

12 Days
Rendezvous with Baikal    

You will take a fascinating trip across Lake Baikal with visits to the cities of Irkutsk and Ulan Ude, Olkhon Island and the Sacred Nose Peninsula, the Pribaikalsky National Park and Baikalsky Nature Reserve. On the Ushkany Islands you will have a great opportunity to observe the unique Baikal seal – the nerpa....

Rendezvous with Baikal-2

12 Days
around Baikal    
In this trip you will discover the most reserved places of the Lake Baikal and get acquainted with the history and incredible beauty of Olkhon Island and the Sacred Nose peninsula. You will visit the only rookery of Baikal seals. You will know and see the customs and the way of life of the locals...

Motor yacht cruise on Lake Baikal

10 Days
yacht cruises on Lake Baikal    
We invite you to explore Baikal`s beauty and Zabaikalsky National Park by one of the most exciting ways: on the water. This trip allows you to see and enjoy the wonderful nature of Lake Baikal...

Photo adventures:

Car trip around the Lake Baikal

14 Days
 tours around Baikal   
We are glad to invite you in a wonderful trip around the Lake Baikal. In this trip you will discover Siberian cities Irkutsk and Ulan Ude. Moreover you will visit beautiful Tunkinskay Valley and Baikal National Reserve. You will see...

Car trip to the Lake Baikal

8 Days
 Baikal Travel tours   
You will make a fascinating travel to the Lake Baikal. You will visit Ulan Ude city and discover the Sacred Nose peninsula in Zabaikalsky National Park. You will get acquainted with the history and culture of the local people and discover...

The most precious places of Lake Baikal

10 Days
Baikal's reservered places

Discover the most precious and picturesque places of the deepest lake on our planet – Lake Baikal. The pristine nature of the Barguzinsky and Baikalo-Lensky Nature Reserves and the unique landscapes of the Pribaikalsky and Zabaikalsky National Parks...

Ornithological tours:

To the Selenga River Delta

2 Days

The Selenga River is the largest of more than 400 rivers that feed into Lake Baikal. At the river’s mouth, it forms a wide delta with a surface area of more than 600 square kilometers. Consisting of a host of channels, islets, and reed and sedge thickets, it is an extremely picturesque and diverse area...


Climb mount Munku-Sardyk (3,491 m)

7 Days
 Climb mount Munku-Sardyk   
Mount Munuk-Sardyk offers the best opportunities for mountaineering in the Baikal region. Huge mountains in the shape of a dense ring surround Lake Baikal. Numerous mountain ranges and passes make mountaineering very popular among....

Hiking and Horseback riding:

A trip to the Shumak mineral springs

11 Days
 To Shumak mineral springs    
The Shumak mineral springs have been famous for many years for their wonderful curative qualities. The Shumak water is a very effective cure for lithic diathesis, diabetes, and functional disorders of the circulatory and nervous system, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tracts, as well as digestive tract ...

To the Valley of Volcanoes

10 Days
To the valley of volcanoes    
Volcanoes, hotsprings, unique landscapes, and Bronze Age relics make for a fascinating tour. Oka or, more correctly, Oha, is like Tibet in miniature. The beauty of the landscapes here harmonizes uniquely with the culture of the native populations. We will take you through the area of Mongolshon (Buryat for...

Through the Barguzin Mountains

14 Days
We invite you to take a fascinating hiking adventure through the Barguzin ridge to Lake Baikal. You will hike through a dense forest along a well-equipped trail of the Zabaikalsky National Park. This area is renowned for its beauty and diverse wildlife, and the hike will give you an excellent opportunity...

Horse riding adventure to the Far Side of Baikal Land

16 Days
We invite you to take a fascinating horse riding trip to one of the most beautiful region of Lake Baikal the Barguzin valley. You will get acquainted with the history and culture, customs and way of living of local peoples. The trip will allow you to discover fantastic beauty of the Barguzin valley. Moreover, this tour will take you...

Sea kayaking and rafting:

Turka river - kayaking

5 Days
  Turka river - kayaking    
We invite you to explore one of the most beautiful rivers of the Republic of Buryatia. The pristine beauty of the Siberian taiga, crystal-clear waters and fabulous landscapes of wild nature make the Turka river perfect for a kayaking vacation...

Selenga - Buryatia's most important river

5 Days
  Selenga river kayaking   
We invite you to take a fascinating kayaking trip along the Selenga River, which flows out from mountain lake Hubsugul (Mongolia) and runs into Lake Baikal. You will visit the Tayhan fortress where in 1176 the first battle of Genghis Khan occured....

Around the Sacred Nose Peninsula

13 Days
  Lake Baikal kayaking    
During this trip nothing you can feel in complete harmony with the world, with nothing to distract your attention except for the splash of paddles and circles spiraling out on the water from your kayak. This trip will take you to the unknown, untouched world ofwilderness, unique landscapes and beauty of the largest and deepest lake...

Jeep expeditions:


13 Days
Baikal-Mongolia jeep expeditions   
We invite you to take a fascinating trip to Lake Baikal and Mongolia. You will spend a few days on the fantastic shores of the most beautiful bay on Baikal – Chivyrkuisky. The deepest point of the Chivyrkuisky Bay are not more than 10 meters. Because of its shallowness, the water in the summer can reach up 19C to 22C , making swimming in crystal clear water of the largest lake in the World very...

Biking tours:

Baikal Biking tour

12 Days
biking tours   
Get up close and personal with nature in this environmentally and heart-friendly tour!
The bike route will take you west along the shore of Baikal through the Zabaikalsky National Park, covering a distance of about 160 kilometers by bicycle. The route passes by the deepest bay on Baikal—the Barguzin Bay, whose depth reaches .

Ethnographic adventures:

"Baikal village"

4 Days
 Baikal village   
Some people say the Siberian hour is equal to two Europeanones. Far away from cities, on the shore of the huge Lake Baikal, in the Siberian taiga. Where the air is crystal clear and well water is incredibly cool and tasty. -- Here, life in the Baikal village...

Acquaintance with Old-Believers of Buryatia

1 Day
Oldbelievers of Baikal    
We invite you to visit semeysky (Old Believers’) village called Bol`shoy Kunaley which is located 70 km from Ulan Ude. You will get acquainted with the history and culture of the "semeyskie " of Transbaikalia...

Acquaintance with Buryat village

1 Day

Buryats of lake Baikal

We invite you to visit a Buryat village which is located 35 km from Ulan Ude. You will see the Buryat Transbaikalian households and traditional Buryat yurts. Then you will get acquainted with Buryat folklore culture, traditions and old...

Nature work camps:

Nature work camp in the most beautiful hidden corners of Lake Baikal.

10 Days
The goal of the camp is to renovate the Bolshoi Chivirkui Rangers’ Station of the Zabaikalsky National Park on Lake Baikal. We are forming a group of 8-12 volunteers who are interested in assisting to conduct repairs on the rangers’ station, a strategically important site ...









































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