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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Visa information:

Russian visa.
Mongolian visa.

Russian visa.

If you are planning to visit Russia, you need a Russian entry visa. According to the purpose of your trip you can obtain a business, tourist or private visa.
Visas can be obtained at Russian consulates worldwide with an invitation from a company authorized to provide visa support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

In order to obtain a Russian visa you should submit the following papers to the Consular Section:
1. Completed visa application form (one per person);
2. Valid national passport; it must be valid not less than 3 months prior to the intended date of departure from Russia;
3. Three standard passport-size pictures;
4. Invitation from an authorized organization;
5. Medical insurance;
6. Document confirming the payment for visa support.

You can find the address of the Russian embassy in your region here:


Mongolian visa.

Every tourist must have fully valid passport, entry and exit visa. You may get a visa from a Mongolian Embassy, where you need two photos, a valid passport and an authorization from tour operators.

General requirements for all types of Mongolian visas are:
1. One filled- in visa application form
2. Statement of travel dates
3. A valid passport
4. One recent passport size photograph
5. Self-addressed and pre-paid envelope are required if the visa is applied for by post
6. All visas except for transit visas are issued by the embassy's relevant organization. The normal time required for a visa to be processed is one week, for a transit visa 48 hours without any authorizations.

Phone, Fax Numbers and e-mail addresses of Selected Embassies (Consulates)

Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nations
Tel: (212) 861-9460, 212-472-6517, 212-737-3874
Telefax: (212) 861-9464

Embassy of Mongolia in Washington D.C., the United States
Tel: (202) 298-7137
Telefax: (202) 298-9227

Mongolian Embassy in Bonn, Germany
Tel: (02241) 40 27 27
Telefax: (02241) 4 77 81

Mongolian Embassy in London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Tel: 937-01 50
Telefax: 937-11 17

Geneve Mission De Mongolie
Tel: 774-19 74
Telefax: 774-32 01

Mongolian Embassy in Bruxelles, Belgium
Tel: 32-2-3446974
Fax: 32-2-3443215

Mongolian Embassy (Branch) in Berlin, Germany
Tel: 49-30- 446 93 20
Telefax: 49-30- 446 93 21

Mongolian Embassy in Paris, France
Tel: 33-14-6 05 23 18
Fax: 33-14-6 05 3016

Mongolian Embassy Moscow, Russian Federation
Tel: 7-095-2906792, 7-095-244786
Fax: 7-095-2916171
E-mail: , (counsel)

Mongolian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 81-33-4692088, 81-33-4632162
Fax: 81-33-4632216

Consulate in Toronto, Canada
Tel: 416-8657779, 416-8657707
Fax: 416-8631515

Mongolian Embassy in Beijing, China
Tel: 86-10-65321810, 86-10-65321203, 86-10-65326909
Fax: 86-10-65325045

Mongolian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 82-2-7941350, 82-2-7941951
Fax: 82-2-7947605

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