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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Packing list.

To guarantee a comfortable trip we strongly recommend that you bring along all items listed below (items necessary only for mountain trips in winter are marked with an asterisk):

1. A backpack or big bag
2. A daypack for personal belongings
3. Comfortable walking boots
4. Hiking boots for mountaineering*
5. Light footwear like sandals
6. 2-3 pairs of cotton socks and one pair of woolen socks
7. Cotton t-shirts or shirts
8. Warm sweatshirt, jumper or jacket
9. Waterproof jacket with hood
10. Warm down waistcoat *
11. Cap or a wide-brimmed hat
12. Swimming suit
13. Comfortable underwear and one pair of thermal underwear
14. One pair of shorts
15. Resistant trousers
16. Resistant cotton trousers, safari-style (zip-off trekking trousers)
17. Windproof trousers*
18. Light sport suit
19. Long and warm underwear*
20. Woolly hat
21. Warm gloves
22. Gaiters *
23. Small towel
24. Water bottle
25. Sunglasses
26. Snow goggles *
27. Sunscreen and sun block lipstick
28. Toilet paper
29. Refreshing wipes and tissues
30. Soap*
31. Small personal first-aid kit (including adhesive plasters, iodine, hydrogen peroxide tablets, activated coal, potassium permanganate crystals, a flask of spirit or cologne, and other individually needed items)
32. Small flashlight and spare batteries (very useful in mountain areas and nature reserves)
33. Toiletries, including cotton wool, safety razor, toothpaste, shampoo etc. (use a transparent plastic bag so you see what’s inside)
34. Small sewing set, including dark and light-colored threads, safety pins, needles
35. Wristwatch
36. Waist bag for money and documents
37. Pocket knife
38. Notebook and pen
39. Adhesive tape
40. Photos of your family and hometown
41. Favorite entertainment (books, playing cards, chess, small flute or a harmonica, dice, soap bubbles to play with local children)
42. Photo camera and film rolls (10-20 rolls), battery charger or spare batteries
43. Binoculars*
44. Compass*
45. Cigarette lighter*

It is necessary to have your passport with you.
For travels in summer, you should have clothes suitable both for rainy and sunny weather.

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